People standing holding signs

The Do It For Hunter team walked in the 2023 Out of Darkness Walk at Wickham Park on November 4, joining many other teams of people who had lost someone to suicide. Together we remembered and honored our family and friends. Unlike other walks where there are survivor celebrations, for this one, there were no survivors. We wore colored beads to honor our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends, children, and those who may be struggling right now. I saw a little boy who wore a sticker saying “I’m walking for my daddy.” Sadly, this walk grew a lot from when I walked in it two years ago. That’s not a positive thing. It was a reminder that we are going in the wrong direction. We did have the cutest little team member though!

Baby in stroller with You Matter shirt
Shirt with names on back
poster with messages on it reading Hunter you are loved you are missed You Matter

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