students and people holding signs reading Free Mom Hugs

A hug is equivalent to a thousand words…without saying a word at all. That’s what we did on November 6th at UCF. We set up near the Wellness and Recreation Center on campus, and simply offered free mom hugs to any student needing one. There were students from China and Colombia who hadn’t seen their parents in a year or more. Some had visited home in Jupiter or Tampa that weekend but still reached out for a hug because, well, who doesn’t need a hug? One thing that they all had in common….they were great kids, kind, and genuine. We gave out over 300 You Matter stickers and bracelets to help spread the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number. It was an amazing day, and everyone was so thankful, but I am the one who is thankful, because I truly received back more than I gave. Charge On!

lady and student hugging
people smiling

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