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Hannah Kercsmar


Hey! I’m Hannah Kercsmar and I live in Merritt Island. I’m a senior at Merritt Island High School and cheer for my school. I enjoy spreading the spirit throughout my school and the rush of adrenaline during Friday night lights. I’m really excited to be part of You Matter as we begin to spread awareness for suicide prevention. My goal here is to help my peers understand that they are loved and have a great purpose in this world. I absolutely love Florida so naturally in my free time I like to spend time tanning, swimming, and chatting with my friends at the beach. Something I’ve always lived by is to do everything with love even when it’s tough to do so. I’m excited to be on this journey to encourage as many people as possible to bring light to such an important topic. I also hope to represent other kids my age who wish to stop the idea that life isn’t worth living.